About Us

Guangzhou Renfu Medical Equipment Co. Ltd was founded in 2004, located in the central part of GD-HK-MC Greater Bay Area-Guangzhou Nansha. As a world leader in manufacturing low temperature material, we dedicate to research & develope, manufacture and offer technical support for radiotherapy positioning systems and orthopedic rehabilitation products.

Available Products

  • SBRT System

    SBRT System

    Meicen SBRT Immobilization System is a perfect simple & effective, highly accurate, multi-functional and user-friendly solution for SBRT patient setups.

  • SRS System

    SRS System

    Meicen SRS Immobilization System is developed based on the clinical needs of radiotherapy, which can well meet the needs for head position, fixation during radiotherapy.

  • Versatile positioning solutions

    Versatile positioning solutions

    Meicen series baseplates is our immobilization products configured for multiple treatments, can be used to immobilize the head, neck, shoulders. thorax, and pelvic for targeted as well as whole-body irradiation.

  • Breast & Lung Solution

    Breast & Lung Solution

    Meicen Breast & Lung Solution is a lightweight and cost-effective set up engineered for quick, simple and efficient patient positioning.

  • Thermoplastic Masks

    Thermoplastic Masks

    Meicen violet thermoplastics are made from a new, premiun thermoplastic material clinically designed for optimal moulding time and patients comfort with extremely low shrinkage rate and non-sticky surface.

  • Vacuum Bag

    Vacuum Bag

    Meicen Vacuum Bags are medical devices used to ensure precise positioning and immobilization of patients undergoing radiation therapy treatment.

  • Thermoplastic splints & Precuts

    Thermoplastic splints & Precuts

    We offers high quality thermoplastic splints, precutes and orthoses for rehabilitation.

  • Accessories


    Renfu Meicen offers a variety of accessories and aids to meets clinical needs in treating patients with custom care.

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