Meicen Violet U-Frame Head Mask

U-Frame Violet Head Mask

U-Frame thermoplastic mask

Meicen Violet Thermoplastics

Meicen Violet Thermoplastics are made from a new, premium thermoplastic material clinically designed for optimal moulding time and patients comfort with extremely low shrinkage rate and non-sticky surface. Excellent patient experience is all we striving for throughout the entire process. Special designs are available upon request to meet diffferent manufacturers’ baseplates compatible needs.

Meicen Violet U-Frame Head Mask

● Low shrinkage

● Stronger(More secure than white thermoplastic

● Non-stick surface(Will not stick to hair or itself)

● For All System(Compatible with all standard US and European baseplates)    

Meicen Featured Thermoplastics

Meicen IMRT Thermoplastics feature a combination of enhanced perforation and solid thermoplastic to provide rigidity and secure immobilzation for IMRT treatments. Open face & claustrophobia masks are compatible with VisionRT, s Align RT Camera systems and other camera systems while standard perforation Masks are more cost-effective and popular in most clinics.

Meicen Violet U-Frame Head Mask
Meicen Violet U-Frame Head Mask
Meicen Violet U-Frame Head Mask
Meicen Violet U-Frame Head Mask

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