• Things We Should Know About Kidney Cance

    Incidence and survival rates Kidney cancer – also known as renal cancer – is the 12th most common cancer worldwide. Statistics show that incidence rates of the disease are twice as high among men than women and that 59 per cent of kidney cancer cases occur in more developed countries, with the highest rates seen in North America and Europe and the lowest in Africa and Asia. March is Global Kidney Cancer Awareness Month. Although kidney cancer is the 16th most common cause of death from cancer, survival rates are relatively high in developed countries. In the US, overall survival rates are 72 per cent after five years; the survival rate beyond five years is even higher at 92 per cent for the two thirds (64 per cent) of cases that are diagnosed in the early stages. However, these high survival rates are not seen in lower income countries where…

    For-Public 2021-03-11
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