How to choose the right headrests for your patients?

Immobilization for Radiation Therapy with Headrests

The importance of choosing an appropriate headrests include two aspects:

● To ensure optimal reproducibility and minimize set-up errors;

● To rest the patient’s head comfortably and help the patient to stay in the same position during the required period of time.


Meicen headrests come in different shapes that can accommodate a variety of neck and head sizes. The headrests help to comfortably maintain the patient’s head, when used with head and neck thermoplastic masks, radiation baseplates, they can provide a correct and repositionable patient fixation solution.

How to choose the right headrests for your patients?

Meicen headrests made from a variety of material (carbon fiber, PU, PUC) that perfectly adapt each immobilization devices to the patient’s anatomy and the requirements of the treatment and can be used for both simulation and treatment. The PU Color headrests are ideal for treatments that require high comfort, e.g. on the Cyberknife or when the patient is in severe discomfort.


How to choose the right headrests for your patients?

1. Different patients should choose headrests in different height and fixed gears according to actual needs;

2. The headrest should support the neck and head well, and make sure the patient will not feel discomfort or fatigue;

3. The patient’s head should be as horizontal as possible on the X axis and as vertical as possible on the Y axis.

headrest for radiotherapy

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