Why do we need immobilisation masks?

During daily radiation treatment, it isnecessary to ensure that you will be inexactly the same position.

If you are getting radiation to the brainor head & neck area, you may need an immobilisation mask for daily treatment.

Masks are used:

    1. to make it easier for you to staystill;
    2. to help keep your head frommoving so that you are in theexact same position for eachtreatment;
    3. so any markings that may be used to position you for the treatment can be drawn on the mask, not your skin.

A radiation therapist makes the mask during your CT planning scan and the process usually takes around 30 minutes. The mask will be moulded to your face and secured to the table to gently hold your head in place during radiation treatment. 

During the treatment, it may feel strange to have the mask on at first. Let the radiation therapists know if you feel worried or anxious. They can make suggestions about what may help you to relax.

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