Meicen C-Series Head&Shoulder&Breast Baseplate
  • Product Description

Meicen C-Series Head & Shoulder & Breast Baseplate

  • Adjustable scale for different body width;
  • Sides emargination for simple installation and carry;
  • Configured for multiple treatments;
  • Compatible with Vacuum Bags, all S-type thermoplastic mask.
  • MRI Safe option available

Model: MC-CF002

Size: 1000(Length) x 606 (Width) / mm

Optional Component

Meicen Overhead Arm Support can be easily and firmly connected to the C-Series Baseplates.

It is designed for improving positioning accuracy and reproducibility.

It is also compatible with B-Series Baseplates.

Compatible With

● S-Type Masks

● Headrests

● Vacuumbags

● Indexing Bars


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