Meicen Vacuum Cushion ensures rigid and secure support around the patients. The coated nylon shell protects them from tear and stain. The Vacuum Cushion is completely air-tight, water-proof, easy to clean and filled with specialized particles. Built-in indexing batten, different size and shape of Vacuum Cushion are available. MR safe Vacuum Cushions are available too.


  • Ultra durable, high-quality polyamide;
  • Dark blue color distinaguishable in optical imagers;
  • Radio-translucent;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Adapters available for any manufacturer's pump.
Item No.Products DescriptionPKG
R-E4531-75-1T-Shape Vacuum Cushion with Open Headrest, 125cmx110cm, 31L, IndexedEA.
R-E4204-75-2S-Shaped Vacuum Cushion, 61cmx65cm, 8L, IndexedEA.
MR-E4204-75-2S-Shaped Vacuum Cushion, 61cmx65cm, 8L, MR Safe, Indexed EA.
R-E4530-75-2Rectangular Vacuum Cushion, 120cmx75cm, 35L, Indexed EA.
R-E4530-75 Rectangular Vacuum Cushion, 120cmx75cm, 35L, Non-indexedEA.
MR-E4530-75Rectangular Vacuum Cushion, 120cmx75cm, 35L, MR Safe, Non-indexedEA.
R-E4303-75 Non-Rectangular arms up Vacuum Cushion, 105cmx75cm, 28L, Non-indexed EA.
R-E4502-75 Wing board breast Cushion with chambered, 110cmx55cm, 15L, Non-indexed EA.

Vacuum Cushions Accessories

  • Vacuum Cushion Positioner Strip

    Vacuum Cushion Positioner Strip

  • Vacuum Cushion Positioner

    Vacuum Cushion Positioner

  • Vacuum Pump

    Vacuum Pump