Meicen MR C-Series AIO Baseplate is a Pin-lock design for easy operation, adaptable positioning solution for head, shoulders, pelvic and full-body placement. It is compatible with all S-Type and Meicen Pin-lock Thermoplastic Masks. The Baseplate uses standard silverman pins for headrest indexing. The Baseplate is dual-configured for adult and pediatric patients. It can be compatible with the Overhead Arm Support MR-CFA02, Leg Positioner Cushions and SRS Cradle MC-MRCR001. It comes with an optional Groin Lock for Trunk Masks.


  • Ergonomic design for patient comfort;
  • Adjustable scale for different body widths;
  • Configured for positioning solution;
  • Indexing holes for fixing Vacuum Bag.

Compatible With

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