• Meicen U-Frame Violet Thermoplastic Masks For Slim Frame


    U-Frame Series of masks are compatible with the Meicen BF003 device and other U-type Devices.

    Masks are available in varying thicknesses, 2.4mm, and 3.0mm. The Meicen U-Frame series offers perforation 22% and others. Optional features include standard, reinforced and open face, and Slim Frame Designs.

    Thermoplastic Masks 2020-05-07
  • Meicen Violet U-Shaped Head Mask Lengthened 5cm

    Meicen U-Frame Violet Thermoplastics Model: RF-A101P-2501W Thickness: 2.4 mm Model: RF-A101P-3501W Thickness: 3.0 mm Perforation: 22% Meicen Violet Thermoplastics Meicen Violet Thermoplastics are made from a new, premium thermoplastic material clinically designed for optimal moulding time and patients comfort with extremely low shrinkage rate and non-sticky surface. Excellent patient experience is all we striving for throughout the entire process. Special designs are available upon request to meet diffferent manufacturers’ baseplates compatible needs. ● Low shrinkage; ● Optimal molding time; ● Non-stick ; ● Violet color to alleviate patient anxiety.

    U-shaped Head Masks 2020-05-07
  • Meicen Violet U-Shaped Head Mask Lengthened 9cm

    Meicen U-Frame Thermoplastics Model: RF-A101P-2901W               Thickness: 2.4 mm Model: RF-A101P-3901W               Thickness: 3.0 mm Perforation: 22% DIFFERENT CONFIGURATIONS AVAILABLE Compatible With Meicen B-Series U-Frame Head Baseplate Model: MC-BF003 Size: 366(Length)x 420 (Width)/ mm

    U-shaped Head Masks 2020-05-07