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Open face masks are designed for patients with claustrophobia and sensitive facial skin, and have been well evaluated in clinical practice.


Studies show that about 14-58% of patients experience stress and claustrophobic feelings even people don”t have claustrophobic. The patient’s uneven breathing also makes it much more likely that high doses of radiation will do the harm to healthy cells, which damages the original purpose too.

openface mask

Currently, the main calming methods include playing relaxing music in the treatment room, having patients take anti-anxiety medication and communication with nurses, but both the medication and communication are time consuming or having side effect .

The open mask leaves most of the face open, thus greatly reducing the likelihood of discomfort for claustrophobic patients and most patients undergoing head and neck radiation therapy. The combination of the open mask, which fits into a real-time patient tracking system that monitors patient movement during radiation treatment, and the Renfu open mask substantially ensures proper patient placement and significantly improves treatment accuracy. Over the years, Renfu has also designed different styles of open face masks to best meet the needs of our customers based on feedback and demand from hospitals. We are always the most reliable partner of our customers.

Reference article:Mask anxiety in radiation therapy research helps cancer patients face down treatment fears

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