Radiation Therapy Thermoplastic Mask

What is a radiotherapy thermoplastic mask?

Thermoplastic mask is a immobilization device used for cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy. However, most patients have no idea what a radiotherapy thermoplastic mask is.

The main function of a radiotherapy thermoplastic mask is to maintain the patient’s position and reduce the displacement of body parts due to involuntary activities, allow them to maintain the correct position during the treatment process. In this way, the target region is irradiated with a precise and defined dose of radiation, minimizing the risk of damaging healthy tissue and reducing the risk of side effects.

The materials used in the manufacture of radiotherapy thermoplastic masks are carefully selected to ensure that they are safe and effective for use during radiation therapy. One of the most commonly used materials is a type of thermoplastic polymer, which is a type of plastic that can be heated and molded into a specific shape after cooling. This type of plastic is ideal for use in radiotherapy masks because it is lightweight and strong enough, and it can be molded into a precise shape to ensure the right position of patients during treatment. In most cases, it won’t affect patient’s breathing or cause discomfort.

Radiation Therapy Thermoplastic Mask

Meicen Violet Thermoplastic Masks were used at a Cancer Center

How to mold a radiotherapy thermoplastic mask?

Firstly, RTT will put the radiotherapy thermoplastic mask into a constant temperature water bath or oven for softening, and then personalized molding is carried out. The mask-molding process can differ slightly depending on the area of the patient’s head, neck, or brain the treatment will be focused on and if other devices will be used with the mask together or not.

Patients need to breathe calmly and lie flat for 15-20 minutes, waiting for the mask to cool and finalize its shape. The mask is also dedicated to the entire radiotherapy process.

Head & Neck & Shoulder Mask DEMO

It is worth noting that patients should try their best to maintain a moderate increase or decrease in weight throughout the entire radiotherapy process, otherwise it may cause the molded radiotherapy mask to become unsuitable, as excessive weight gain may result in the molded mask not being fixed; Due to excessive weight loss, the molded mask may become loose, affecting the accuracy of radiotherapy. In both cases, the thermoplastic mask needs to be remolded.

How many types do radiotherapy thermoplastic masks have?

There are several different models of radiotherapy thermoplastic masks available, each with its own specific features and benefits. Some of the most common models include full-head masks, which cover the entire head and neck region, and face masks, which only cover the face, and trunk masks which cover the trunk. There are also masks that are designed specifically for use during image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT), which allows the radiation therapist to make small adjustments to the patient’s position during treatment to ensure that the target area is being accurately irradiated.

 thermoplastic masks for igrt
S-Shaped Reinforced Head & Neck & Shoulder Mask for IGRT
Radiation Therapy Thermoplastic Mask
Head & Neck & Shoulder Mask

Neck & Shoulder & Breast Mask

Radiation Therapy Thermoplastic Mask
Trunk Mask 


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